Our team believes that the key to the success of our Rush County Youth Group Workcamp next summer is prayer.  As a result, we have two ways in which people can support this effort through prayer:

Pray for a Day: We have committed to praying for the entire year leading up to our Group Workcamp.  We have done so by asking people to volunteer to sign-up to "Pray for a Day." By doing so, all we ask is that on the day you sign-up, is that you pray as often as you can for the Workcamp next summer. Below are some suggested things you can pray for on your day. If you would like to sign-up to pray, click here or contact Beth West at 765-561-1167.

Prayer Vigil: During the week of the Group Workcamp, we are wanting to have a "Prayer Vigil" where someone is praying, in one-half hour segments, during the entire Work camp. If you would like to sign-up to participate in our "Prayer Vigil," please click here  or contact Beth West at 765-561-1167.