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Group Workcamp is coming to Rushville & Rush County in 2017!

Rush County Youth WorkcampThe OFFICIAL dates of our workcamp will be Saturday July 9th through Friday July 15th 2017. Teenagers and adults from all over the country will be coming to Rushville and Rush County to perform minor home repairs for the elderly, handicapped and those struggling financially. The repairs, which are performed free of charge, mainly consist of projects like interior and exterior painting, decking, porch repair, wheelchair ramp construction/repair, and home winterization. As the youth and adults perform these repairs they will be experiencing what Christian service is all about while growing in their relationship with Christ.   There will also be a cookout for all the youth groups as they arrive on Sunday July 9th 2017.  

Rush County

Life Changing Home Repair

Rush County Group Youth Workcamp, Inc. has entered into an agreement to host this Group Workcamp. Group Workcamp Foundation is a non-profit,interdenominational organization based in Loveland, Colorado. They are the largest short term mission project organization in the United States!

Rush County Youth Group Workcamp, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation whose primary purpose is to host a Group Workcamp in Rushville and Rush County.